August 21, 2017

That moment. Passed in a blink of an eye. As time moved from one to the next. 

Fireworks, too early. Or in our case. Too late. Belated wishes surrounded by laughter and wine. 

Then silence. 

Nothing changes as it should, one moment is never as expected and all we can do is wait for the next. The real moments, the ones which linger, only happen when you don’t take the time to pause. 

That smile on a late Wednesday afternoon, the way the sun hits the shore in October, and the sounds of laughter on a rainy evening in June. 

But it’s the silence that counts. The years that pass with nothing to say, the ones which replay like old Polaroids, frozen in time and faded from the years.

It’s these quiet moments I remember most. 

A single line of song, sung in a dingy bar amid the clatter of people. The moment when the receiver fell to the floor and without words, you said ‘she has gone’. The first time your hand touched mine, accidentally, on purpose. 

Polar opposites bound together by memories which weave together as one. Time and space forgotten.

Everything is yesterday somewhere in my mind.